We’d Like to Welcome…

A little over a week ago, on a Friday night, my friend called.  I was waiting to pick up my fish and chips, after a massive week of work, J was away for work and I was just about to settle in for a quiet evening home alone.

I answered the phone, to the excited voice of my friend telling me that his mum’s chook had just hatched 9 baby chickens, and would we like to take a couple of the babies?

I jumped at the chance, and had to make the decision alone, as J had no reception where he was working.  So I said yes and that I’d pop around on the Saturday morning to pick them up. backyard and chook pen J did finally call when he got a spot of reception, and I said to him that I was getting him a present and that it was alive.  He responded excitedly with, “A snake?”  Something that we had never, not once talked about.

“No” I responded, “a couple of new chicks.”

Poppy, Maude and Gertrude I went around to our friends, and my friends mum said that I wasn’t allow to take only 2 babies, because they would die, so we had to take all babies (now 8) and the mum.

I thought that J would love this surprise! chicken pen So on the Saturday afternoon, my dad came around and put in some star pickets and some chicken wire.  I knew the mum and the babies need to be separated from the others, while they got used to the new pen, and our chooks got used to them. Chickens and mum It’s so lovely to watch mum with her babies, she sends them off  every time we come near, and then calls them back once we’ve moved away.

I can’t wait to see them get bigger and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there’s not too many roosters.  I’m toying with the idea of keeping a rooster to add to our brood. Once we’ve figured out which are roosters, and they have made their way to our freezer, then a friend of mine is taking half of the babies and we’ll keep the other half and the mum.  So we won’t end up with too many chickens, although we currently have 12.

What are we going to do with all the excess eggs, you ask?  Meringue, mayonnaise, give them away, or fry ups every day.

Do you have any tips on keeping roosters? Did you ever surprise your significant other with a live gift? What would you do if you were getting 6 eggs a day?

15 thoughts on “We’d Like to Welcome…

  1. Awesome! I would love to have chickens, but unfortunately inner-city Melbourne is hardly an ideal spot for them! They are so cute!

    • They are so cute! They’re almost getting too big to walk through the chicken wire now, which is good as it’ll keep them contained.

  2. We are not allowed to keep roosters in our council so we had to send the one we had back to the farm. You are about to become very popular with your neighbours. Get them to collect egg cartons for you and swap eggs for vegetable scraps.

    • I don’t think we’re allowed to keep roosters either, but I’m going to try and sneak it by for a little while. We have heaps of egg cartons, but are always on the lookout for more scraps.

  3. I really enjoyed the ” He responded excitedly with, “A snake?” Something that we had never, not once talked about.” part of this story – very, very funny indeed! As for all those eggs I reckon trade them. Do you have a food swap near you?

    • Thanks Liz. I couldn’t get over the fact that this was his response! I mean… really?!?!? I don’t know if we have a food swap, I’ll look into it.

  4. I got six eggs a day for nearly two years! My mum got a dozen a week, the neighbours all got some, and we still had a glut. We baked and baked and baked, I made mayo, meringues, almond bread, custard – you name it, we tried it. Lovely new chicks Clare, hope there aren’t too many roosters. So, is J getting a snake? (That would solve your rooster problem, I guess.. :))

  5. Gorgeous! It’s so exciting to hatch chicks and watch them grow! I have 2 broody chooks sitting on 9 eggs between them. 3 eggs hatched yesterday so I’m eagerly awaiting how many chicks will be in the coop this morning :)

  6. What a happy story. I would love to receive a phone call like that and I do hope that one day, I will have chickens. I can’t wait to see the images you share xx

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