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We’re ticking things off, our #2013AdventureResolution is in full swing.

Last week on one of those really hot days, where the winds were blowing sand off the beach and the ground was scorching your feet we decided that lunch at Vue Street Bar was in order.

The first thing on my mind was trying a local cider, the Forbidden Fruit Cider was wonderfully refreshing.

forbidden fruit cider

With so many wonderful options on the menu, the $25 per person (minimum for 2) chefs choice would be fabulous, but J was pretty set on the Sliders and so I got to pick two other options for us to share.  So I picked the dips (humus and baba ganoush) and the tempura prawn cutlets.


The dips were home made and delicious, chunky and the bread that was served with it was like a thick pita. Crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy in the middle.


These prawn cutlets were heavenly, the crispy batter on the outside was a delicious addition to the firm, succulent prawns.  Perfection on a hot summers day.


Then last but not least the moist, creamy szechuan steak sliders.  I was nervous about the steak, after being a vegetarian for so many years, I was still yet to eat a steak, but these fell apart in your mouth, the delicious slaw that compliment the flavours perfectly were just wonderful.  The fresh floury buns, the perfect house for these  tasty morsels.

While the food was delicious, and I can’t wait to go back to try more, I found there to be too much salt for me, a minor critique after the fabulous array of options, I can’t wait to go back and try more.

How do you feel about salt in a dish?  Are you a steak eater?

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20 thoughts on “Vue Street Bar

  1. My goodness – reading this post made my mouth water. Those prawns look delightful and the sliders! Yummo!
    xo Emily

  2. I’m a bit of a salt addict I have to admit. I do try to limit it but give me a bowl of chips and a salt shaker and then look the other way!

  3. I definitely like steak and digest it well. Salt is so personal. I like a reasonable amount but hate too much. I would probably stop eating if it was too salty. I can imagine a lot of those foods you ate could tip over into the too salty arena.

  4. Glad you are working through your 2013 list of things to do. I recently also accomplished one of mine too.
    I have learnt to love salt, after years of not eating it and then working in kitchens I got use to it. I do hate chips that have so much salt on them you need to scrape it off before you eat them. Not good.

    • It’s so fun to have a list to work on and work towards. We’re getting there, I’m just worried the year will run away from us!

  5. Love the presentation. That tempura looks good too – I’ve always wanted to try and make tempura at home, but am too terrified to deep fry by myself.

    • The tempura was divine! The perfect crunch. Deep frying a home is easy, we just put about half a saucepan of oil and he’s it up. Once we’re done, we cool down the oil and put it back in the jar, to save for next time.

  6. I like salt, but nowhere near as much as my husband. I have to look away when he salts a dish as it makes me feel a little ill how much he uses.

    Love the look of the dip and pita bread. Give me a bowl of hummus and pita and I’m one happy girl!

  7. Oh too much salt can make it a challenge, the other way and of course you can always add more but it can be hard to take it off! 😮

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