Honestly, I wasn’t excited about getting reception back after 2 days away.  It was a joy to leave my phone at on the bedside table and walk along the beach, not check every email or every tweet, so when I arrived back in range and my 78 emails came through (a combination of blog and roller derby), I took a deep breathe and started sifting through them.

Then the Facebook notifications started (it had just been my birthday), and then the tweets.

There was one tweet that was a particular joy to receive, one from Kate at Foxs Lane, saying that I had won one of the tea packages that she was giving away from She-Tea.
she-tea in box The tea came beautifully packaged in the post box and to open and find these delightfully designed canisters.   tea party she-tea She-Tea is Daylesford’s very own boutique tea company, I love that it’s a local company, that’s unlike anything else on the market.  So I sat down and poured myself a cup of Sweet Tooth.  The black tea, vanilla and caramel pieces blend is perfect for that 3pm craving. tea strainer she-tea I put 3 teaspoons of the tea into this pot and half filled it with boiling water.  Let it brew while I took some photos and then poured myself a cup. pouring tea she-tea I thought I would want to add honey to the tea, as I do this with a lot of herbal teas, but a dash of local milk was all the sweetening this tea needed, and as they claimed, it was the perfect way to combat the craving. full cup she-tea The lovely designs, the thoughtful blends and it all being from some local girls, really does put the joy in taking a moment for a cup of tea.  I can’t wait to try the other 2 flavours!

Do you take the time for an afternoon cuppa?

18 thoughts on “She-Tea

  1. I love local products. I swear things taste better when I know they’re made near by.
    Tea is the only thing I’ve gone off since I’ve been pregnant. I’ve been drinking hot water with lemon or just on its own.

    • I agree that things taste better when you know where they come from! I haven’t been able to drink caffeinated teas in the morning, but it’s ok in the afternoon.

  2. I too like local products whenever possible. It’s just good to buy from people who could soon be good friends. The teas sound yummy.

  3. It is quite relaxing not having internet connection but then when you get it again, it’s like an onslaught – so many emails! Congrats on your win and I love your cup and saucer xx

  4. I’m a tea fiend. Love loose leaf black! I’m also a fan of anything that’s local, ethical and low-food-miles :) Love your china too!

  5. That would have been a lovely thing to receive in the post! I’m not sure about vanilla and tea – somehow I can’t imagine the combination. I will have to look out for she tea and give it a try.

  6. Hi Clare, I’ve just found your blog after my first visit to my local cafe (Elkhorn Roadhouse Cafe). Congratulations on expecting! I had my first baby one year ago and recently returned to work part-time while also trying to get a newly purchased (run-down) small farm in some sort of order. Lots of hard work but so much fun now that my son is starting enjoying exploring the vege garden and patting the sheep. Cheers, Simone

  7. Ooh that tea sounds right up my alley – vanilla and caramel are two of my favourite flavours! I’ll have to keep my eye out for it, and I completely agree that things taste better when you know they are made locally!

  8. She-tea looks lovely! And I agree, it is so nice to support local companies, that tea sounds like something I would love. I always take the time to stop for an afternoon cup of tea, I’m a teacher so sometimes it’s an after class rush to make a cuppa before a meeting, but worth it I think.

    I’m loving reading your blog, I found you through my friend Megan, I think I’m going to have to try out some of your recipes, your latest tart looks great! I hope the chooks are doing well.

    Zoe x

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