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The cold and gloomy weather could not keep us inside any more, so yesterday morning we decided to step outside… “shock horror”, you might say, “in this weather?!?!?!” (for those in the Northern Hemisphere, or even just Northern Australia, imagine COLD!)

But there was markets to be visited and yummy food to be eaten, so off we went for a Saturday morning adventure.

It wasn’t a surprise when we discovered (via Mez from Back in G-Town‘s facebook page) that the market had been washed out!  Never mind, we continued on our merry way, as we were on a mission to get the the Falafel wrap, recommended to us by a very reliable source (my mum) at Raw Ingredients in Queenscliff.

Queenscliff is a gorgeous little seaside town not too far from when we live,  there’s beautiful cafes, an amazing independent book shop and some funky clothes shops, as one of my favourite op shops of all time!

We walk into Raw and to me it’s a little slice of heaven.

It’s only a tiny little space, with four tables inside and four outside, half of their usable space is filled with amazing flours, grain, pulses, and fruits that you can buy, and the rest is set up as a cafe.  Fantastic for them, as while I was eating my delicious lunch I was shopping with my eyes, and then after lunch, I shopped with my wallet!

The menu written up on this gigantic black board doesn’t change often, but doesn’t need to, as I would happily eat their delicious winter warming soups and curries all year round.

The menu is reasonably priced as very little meat is used and this keeps their prices down. There’s also no coffee served here, and as someone in the shop mentioned yesterday, “we’re all a little bit deluded thinking that’d you’d sell coffee in here, IT’S BAD FOR YOU!”

We ordered the aforementioned falafel wrap ($9) and the red lentil and azuki bean dahl ($9.50), served with rice and a chai tea ($4). The chai sits and stews all day in a soup warmer and has the most wonderful spicy creamy chai tea flovour!

Our order came out and J and I split it so we could both get a taste!  The wrap, although toasted, was deliciously fresh, with a little chilli and sour cream or yoghurt, and the dahl was so wonderful, with amazing subtle toasted spice flavours!

I was so full after lunch that it was almost time for a nap, but not before indulging in a spot of grocery shopping and a little dessert.

All cakes and slices they have there are allergy friendly, and are still so wonderful and tasty!  I purchased two on the recommendation of the girl behind the counter, these were taken home for an afternoon snack, and they were delicious.  An oat and date cookie and a muesli slice covered in chocolate.

All in all a fantastic lunch experience, which I look forward to having again.  I left feeling healthy, like I’d done something good for my body, with a full shopping bag (full of yummy treats for breakfast), and a wonderful afternoon tea, all for $50.

Have you found a wonderful new restaurant near you?  What was your favourite thing on the menu?

5 thoughts on “Raw Ingredients

  1. This is a great review. It is a great cafe and I am totally smitten with Queenscliffe at the moment. (loving the blog makeover too).

    • Thanks so much Carol for your comment and your compliments! I’m loving Raw and Queenscliffe at the moment too. Actually really just getting into our whole local area!

  2. Hi Clare,
    the blog looks excellent! yay to you for figuring it all out too!
    I have never been to RAW so its now on my list! Thanks so much for mentioning me too!
    Look forward to following this new blog!
    Cheers, Mez

    • Thanks so much Mez! Us Geelong girls have got to stick together! Raw is delicious and had you not mentioned the markets, we probably wouldn’t have gone, so thank you!

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