Lilypad Cafe, Cairns

I love Cairns.  J used to live there and I have family there and have spent a lot of time there in the last 10 years.  Between J and I, we’ve built up a pretty good repertoire of places to dine.

Lilypad is central, right in town, across the road from one of the most popular backpackers in Cairns, and the famous Rusty’s Market. Lilypad cafe Cairns So after our bright and early visit to the market, we had no other choice but to head over the road for a well priced, generously served breakfast!  I’m surprised every time we come here at the amazing vegetarian/vegan options on offer, and just the sheer quantity of dishes.  The prices are also a pleasant surprise, even more so once you see the size of the serves. Lilypad cafe juice I can’t go past a freshly squeezed juice and love this pear, pineapple and mint juice, but sadly when it arrived, the mint was nowhere to be seen.

As this place is often so busy, that you’ll wait up to an hour for a table, the service can sometimes be slow, but our early arrival (7am), meant that we had the chef’s full attention and our meals came out promptly.  bacon and eggs, side of mushroom J went with the old faithful bacon and eggs with a side of mushrooms.  This photo doesn’t do the serving size justice.  I swear that pile of bacon is half a pig and the quantity of mushroom equates to a small farm! He struggled through it though and managed to clean off most of it. beans and eggs I decided to go with something a little different, refried beans for me, with a chilli chutney and backed cheese on top, tortilla chips, scrambled eggs, baked potatoes and sausage.  Once I dug through the slime of partly melted cheese, and broke the soggy bits of the tortilla chips, I was happy.  I love the addition of the baked potatoes to breakfast, but struggled to eat the whole meal.

Once we were satisfactorily stuffed full, we made our beeline and by 8 am that place was pumping and not a spare table in sight.

The food was good, hearty, if a little oily and not very well presented, but the serves generous and the prices good.

What’s more important to you?  Presentation or price?

8 thoughts on “Lilypad Cafe, Cairns

  1. That’s very early to be out for breakfast – I’m only out and about at that hour if I have a plane to catch! That serving of bacon certainly looks generous. xx

  2. The serves look really substantial! And what are those thing poking out from the refried beans? Are they the tortilla chips? :)

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