Lately… October 2013


Lately October 2013 We added 8 new chooks to our flock (I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’re mostly girls!)

There’s been lots of quick dinners home alone.

First strawberry picking of the season.

Who needs a vase of flowers when you can have one full of herbs!

My bread repertoire keeps on growing, my newest favourite is Celia’s Sourdough Foccacia.

Have done my first 5 day working week for the year and it really knocked me around, as I was still trying to keep up with everything that I do in a quieter week and more.

The organising for the National Breast Cancer Foundation Fundraiser Booby Bout, keeps on keeping on.  It’s on this Saturday (the 26th of October), if you’re in the Geelong area and would like to go, you can see more details here.

Our current 3 girls are pretty happy at the moment.  They haven’t paid any attention to the new inhabitants, and after having cut their pen short for some grass regeneration, they’ve just got they full length back, with all the new grass.

Cups of tea with new and old friends.

Beautiful warm, sunny Saturday afternoons, that turn into long, lazy evenings.

A spot of painting.

What have you been up to lately?

12 thoughts on “Lately… October 2013

  1. Wow there’s been a LOT going on there. What will you do with all those eggs if your newbies are mostly girls? How long before you know the sex? Are you planning on names? So many questions…. I hope ice cream was dessert after fish & chips.

    • We’re going to give half of the remaining chickens to a friend of mine, so probably will only end up with about 6, including our current 3. I don’t know how long it’ll be until they start crowing, and I thought I’d save naming until we were sure that we didn’t have to kill them. I’m pretty sure the ice cream was after the fish and chips!

  2. 8 new chooks! And hooray, thank you for trying the focaccia – I didn’t realise that was what you were doing when we were discussing feeding the 80% starter! Hope you liked it, it’s a favourite with my boys (but I don’t make it too often – it absorbs a lot of oil!) :)

    • No worries Celia, I currently have another double batch in the oven! It does use a lot of oil, but we buy 5L at a time, so I think it’s ok.

  3. I hope your chickens are settling in well and yes, I hope they’re girls! And congrats on all your bread-making success xx

  4. I can’t wait to be introduced to the new members of the family! Herbs do make lovely decoration you’re right. I hope you recovered from your week of work.

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