In My Kitchen… September 2014

In my kitchen…

… is my first ever cake cover.  Up until this point I’ve been using a glass bowl over plates of food to keep things fresh.  But I recently found this one at an op shop for $5!

cake cover In my kitchen…

… are these beautiful artichokes.  I’d never eaten artichoke before, but last week I steamed one up (with a bay leaf and a slice of lemon in the water) and served it up for a pre-dinner snack for J and I, while E was eating dinner.  I made a dipping sauce, mayonnaise and balsamic vinegar, for the petals, and we dug in.  It was wonderful!

Have you eaten or cooked artichoke?

artichoke In my kitchen…

… this glassware sits waiting for a completely unrelated to food or this blog project.  But I’m excited about it, and I’m still on the look out for more.

glassware In my kitchen…

… there’s a jar of herbs, picked from a friends garden while they are away celebrating their daughters wedding.  We got an amazing haul from their garden, beetroot, silverbeet, sweet peas, broccoli and bok choy!  So fresh!

herbs In my kitchen…

… are these hand knitted (by my mum) dish cloths.  We’ve had them for a while.  I love them, they work as a scourer, when they get a bit manky we just chuck them in the washing machine.

knitted dish rags In my kitchen…

… sits a jar of sauerkraut, still fermenting, getting slightly moldy (is that normal?). But I’m letting it sit there, we topped it up with salt water the other day (is that normal?), and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that eventually we’ll be able to eat it on kransky’s.

sauerkraut What’s in your kitchen?  Have you had a look into kitchen’s all over the world? You can, over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.


30 thoughts on “In My Kitchen… September 2014

  1. how lovely to have fresh produce from a garden. and those dish cloths are wonderful.. how clever are you to have sauerkraut on the go:)

  2. What a great $5 buy, it is so lovely. I haven’t tried artichokes, I keep putting it on my mental must eat list but then it ends up in the too hard basket!

  3. I love your cake cover – you got a bargain there. And how lovely to have those hand-knitted dish cloths! They’re gorgeous and I love the homemade touch xx

  4. That cake cover gives me some envy and your dishcloths remind me of my mother. She used to make them for me from cotton yarn every year. I miss them.

  5. I still don’t own a cake cover so I’m a little bit jealous of yours! How wonderful to have access to your friend’s garden!

  6. What a steal for $5! I love artichokes but haven’t had fresh ones in ages. Your knitted dishcloths are fabulous too… makes me wish I could knit. Thank you for sharing :)

  7. Love a good oppshop cake cover! Mine is currently upside down as a fruit bowl ;) My (Sicilian) grandmother used to blanch artichokes then stuff seasoned breadcrumbs into each leaf and bake them, terribly time consuming and simply wonderful. Can’t wait to see what you do with the glassware…!

  8. Hi Clare!

    It was so lovely to find your blog through Blog Society! You are so right up my ally :) Cannot wait to follow along!! xx Kelsey (via Farm & Pretty)

  9. What gorgeous things! I love to have jars of herbs in my kitchen. I just soak up all the green and it’s freshness seems to raise my mood!

    Knitted dishcloths! I’ve not seen that before. Wow!
    Love the oppie for great bargain finds. That looks pretty useful too!

  10. Clare, when I saw the photo of your scourers on my iPhone, I thought they were baby clothes for E! :) They’re really useful, aren’t they, lovely Rose made me some as well and I use them all the time. Your cake cover is a great find – and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with artichokes. I love eating them as antipasto, but preparing them from fresh annoys me – you seem to have to discard most of the leaves, nibble just on the bits at the bottom, and then watch out for the hairs. Am I doing it wrong? :)

  11. I recently just made a pasta with artichokes however I actually used adtichokes in a jar because I wasn’t ready for removing the hearts!
    Lovely find from the op shop, too! Bec x

  12. Just wanted to say “Hi”, was lovely meeting you yesterday and your hub is super cute :)
    I just wanted to tell you that your blog design is gorgeous!
    I’ve only had time to read the two most recent posts (I’ll be popping back later to have a proper read after I get the littles to bed) and already I’m inspired to go knit some washcloths. And I love artichokes but for some reason I never ever buy them, they look so intimidating to cook. I’ll have to give it a go, see what my little ones think of it.
    My little family and I are on the journey to self-sufficiency too, just starting out, but we’re building a house as eco-friendly as we can, and living (mostly) off-grid.

  13. G’day! I love artichokes and have always wanted to make my own sauerkraut! YUM!
    Thank you for this month’s kitchen view too!
    Cheers! Joanne

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