The Chicken’s New Home

chickens grass growing back chicken coop regeneration new chicken gate chicken door chickens new home

It was time, the chickens were headed for greener pastures. They were no longer doing what we needed them to do, so it was time to move them on.

And we discovered the perfect place. After living in the backyard of the rental for nearly two years, they had managed to demolish it. There was absolutely no green left in their pen. And perfectly located was our new block, that we needed the grass removed from.

So J ripped down the fences, planted some grass seed, built another fence and opened up their doggie door.

This way that have complete access to a block full of luscious green grass, and it gives us time to regenerate the back yard before we move out. They started their exploration with a little trepidation but now they’re adventuring with the best of them.

8 thoughts on “The Chicken’s New Home

  1. I’ll bet they’re loving the new grass. I remember when I had my chooks I’d take them for a walk in the garden nearly every day. They’d be at the gate around 3:30 every day – hoping. :)

  2. What a great idea! Way to kill two birds with one stone. Hmm maybe that’s not the best saying in this situation?

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