Yesterday was my younger sister’s birthday.  She was lucky enough to go and spend the weekend on the Mornington Peninsula, wine tasting, vintage perusing and hot bathing.

Last night Mum, Dad, J and I all headed to Melbourne to celebrate with her.  Her first choice, the latest cool new place to visit in the city, Chin Chin, was totally booked out and was going to be about a 2 hour wait for a table of 5.

Certain members in our family tend to get hang-gry (hungry-angry) if we don’t eat at the right times (J, Dad and I), so we decided to search for something else.

Choice number two – closed, which we only found out after we had walked to it, a mexican restaurant which didn’t have it’s opening hours on the website (seriously, who doesn’t take advantage of the smart phone era!).

Finally Dad suggested the Sofitel Hotel on Collins St.  We walked in through the stunning lobby, past one of the 50 life sized baby elephant sculptures scattered around Melbourne to celebrate the Mebourne Zoo’s 150th birthday.

There was no way I was walking 35 flights of stairs, so the lift was our only option.  The lift moves so fast that no numbers are shown for the floors that you are passing, and only shortly after stepping in we arrived at the 35th floor.

My jaw hit the floor as I caught my first glimpse of the breathtaking view!  The first thing we all did was go to our respective bathrooms and take a photo of the view.

Mine and my sister’s reflections. Just to the right you can see the lights of the MCG.

Needing food we all went to find a table.  The bar tender struggled with the fact the were five of us and all night proceeded to bring things out to us in even numbers, strange.

The girls ordered cocktails (the only cocktail I’ve ever had was a Pina Colada) – sadly I can’t remember their names or what was in them, but they were all delicious!

I was worried, looking at the menu, that we wouldn’t get enough food to be content a the end of the night.  There was only really finger food options, between $25 and $30, so we opted to share 5 between us.

The food was delicious, and there was plenty enough to go around.

After the dubious start, the night turned out lovely.  Mum and Dad introduced us to a placed we’d never been before, with an absolutely stunning view!

My overall conclusion was that the Sofitel Atrium Bar on 35 was just beautiful, but I would never go there knowing I had to pay.  Maybe you pay for the view, and maybe that’s worth it, but I don’t have that sort of disposable cash.

Thanks Dad!

Where have you been for a cocktail and some lovely food? Have you had a night where everywhere you wanted to go was full?  What did you do?


  1. Hotly Spiced says

    That looks like a great place to go for some finger food while you sink a few cocktails. Glad the night was a big success in the end xx

  2. Al says

    woman, you just set my stomach off on a growling rampage.
    that looks A-MAZING. Such gorgeous views! And I hear ya about the price – I can afford noodles these days, so that would be a splurge!
    I just love your blog, doll, and find more about you that I love each time!

    • Clare says

      Thanks so much Al! It was an absolutely lovely evening! But asi said wont be happening again any time soon…

  3. Mez says

    oooh isn’t the view just amazing there? I was lucky enough to go for a work paid for dinner at No.35 at the Sofitel and it was amazing! I wrote a post about it under the “Melbourne Love” tab on my blog. Looks like you had a brilliant time – aren’t the toilets cool? ha ha!

    • Clare says

      Thanks Mez! Isnt the view stunning!?!? I’m so jealous of your work function! I felt a little bad that dad was paying for everything. I’ll have to check out your post! The toilets are amazing, J said that we should go in there and get engaged again!

  4. carol - @perennial says

    What a great post. I love finding unexpected treasure when plans go astray. I laughed out loud at the final comment – so many places I would love to go if I wasn’t paying. You have to love parents and their tab paying abilities.

    Thanks also for the tip – I knew nothing of the Mali Project and now we have the iPhone app. and an adventure to go on in a couple of weekends.

    • Clare says

      Thanks so much Carol! What a cool idea to use the elephants as a Melbourne Adventure! I might had to do that too and visit more than the one that I saw!


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