Back on the bike!

A couple of weeks ago J and I had a bit of a discussion (argument?) about us becoming lazy in our relationship.

Every day we used to do fun things after school, we used to go on dates all the time.  Things like a short walk, a coffee, a backyard picnic but recently, working full time, I’ve been so tired after school and when I finally get home, all I want to do is sit my ass down on the couch and watch some tv.

So we’ve started to make more effort.  We’ll going for a walk, going for a roller skate or an indoor climb.

On Tuesday he picked me up from work on his motor bike, and we went for an after school snack at Lorne, a beautiful seaside town a bit over an hour from where we live.

It’s along the Great Ocean Road, so there’s some fantastic windy bits to scoot around on the bike.

We arrived and found one of the only places that was open for a delicious treat!

The atmosphere was pretty quiet (it was 4pm on a Tuesday), but with a view straight down to the beach we couldn’t pass it up. It was open and airy which would be perfect for a summer evening, snacking on some beer and nibbles.

There is a huge selection of Asian inspired ‘munchies’, meals and beer.  We just ordered two different items off the munchie menu, shallow fried calamari and homemade dimsim.

The calamari was absolutely delicious, came with a fantastically garlicky aoli. The dimsim were huge, so it was tricky to eat them with the only form of cutlery we were give, chopsticks.  J didn’t like the batter so much, and I didn’t really like the filling, so not really a win!

After our snack (along with a beer for J and a wine for me), we went to play on the play ground!

The ride home was great, I tried to take some photos along the way so I could share the experience with you but really, there’s no way to share that.

There’s none of the romantic wind in the hair, but there is a rush when going around sharp corners. It was a fantastic afternoon. The ride home felt pretty long and started to get super cold, these warm spring days seem to be fooling me into thinking it’s actually hot.

Do you an your partner make mini dates to spend time together?

8 thoughts on “Back on the bike!

  1. oh I love this Clare !
    I think it’s super important to make ‘dates’ with each other.
    I just wrote a post on my birthday weekend which was a date in overdrive.
    But is the everyday Tuesdays that are just as important. Good for you and J for making the effort.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog – the weekly photography challenges are great.
    It’s almost the weekend – enjoy !
    Dee x

  2. 1. you are never ever too old to play on the playground. good move!
    2. that little place looked adorable. Open air view of the beach AND a room filled with pretty white lanterns?yes please!
    2. I think our favorite thing to do is go to the drive in movies! All for a total of $8 it’s a double feature and we are allowed to bring our own food! :)

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