Apple Slice

Grandma's Apple Slice This was published in the Herald Sun on Friday 24th of May

Mary Bond is my grandma, my mum’s mum. The slice mentioned is light and fluffy, crispy and browned on top, with tender bites of apples nestled throughout the slice, a recipe that I have also baked hundreds and hundreds of times.

The Herald Sun has contacted Grandma and they are going to re-publish the recipe, but I thought I’d share it with you guys first.

Update: here is the re-published recipe. Printed in The Herald Sun Thursday 30th of May.

Apple Slice

Apple Slice
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
  • 3 apples - peel, cored and cut into 1cm chunks
  • 2 cups self-raising flour
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 125 gm butter - melted
  • 1 egg
  1. Add apples, sugar and flour to large mixing bowl, combine.
  2. Add butter and egg, stir until well combined.
  3. Press into lined slice tray.
  4. Bake 180 degrees for 35 - 40 mins.

55 thoughts on “Apple Slice

  1. Just goes to show such a simple recipe will stand the test of time and be a family favourite through the generations. What a lovely thank you letter too.

  2. How lovely that this has been published, someone took the time to write in and thank your grandmother, and that it will be published again. That’s a lovely story xx

  3. Mmm it’s just the weather for these sorts of treats isn’t it? That’s very exciting that it’s going to be in the paper again!

    • It’s the perfect weather for these treats. Sitting down with a slice of this slice and a cup of tea makes my day.

  4. What a fab story. Love it! I will make the slice tomorrow. I have heaps of apples and I reckon the kids will love it.

  5. I have been cooking this slice since my mum gave me the recipe, that she cut from the Sun 25 years ago…
    Good recipes never go out of fashion

      • Hi Clare,
        Just rang my sister in Italy, she has mums recipe book ( the original) and she says.
        ” yes it’s cut out of the Sun” so there you go, I’ve been baking the ” original” .
        My mum was a huge collector of recipes and scrap booked into exercise books all the true, tried and tested recipes.
        I’m glad I could share with you..

        • That’s so amazing, Clare’s grandmother is my mum. Wait til i tell her how far this one little recipe has travelled. On a day when i am reading about the tragic murder of a young woman, simple stories and connections bring happiness. Thanks

  6. clare,i love how this looks and is so simple to make,just one question it looks like it has sugar and spice sprinkled over the top,is this done before or after it is cooked.

  7. Can you let me know what size slice tray is best for this slice? is it meant to be tall or thin ( like a caramel slice) i really want to make this weekend but not overcook it. Thanks x

  8. Lovely post – so nice to know that these recipes in newspapers resonate so widely – wonder if the same will be said of so many of these quirky modern recipes in newspapers! I am bookmarking this recipe as it looks much simpler than my mum’s apple slice which involves a layer of apples in the middle

  9. Dear Clare,
    I am living in the middle of The Netherlands near the river Rhine – in a nice little senior-house with a little sunny garden. When I started to live there I bought myself a small young APPEL tree and in the healthy riverclay the tree grew and grew … after two years the first blossems came, right to the trunk, so did the appels a while after the blossems where gone !!!! This year I discovered 7 appel together on a row thight together – the appels are as big as you can hold in one hand and the colour is wine-red – I will make a photo of it !! And ……. these appels I will use in your Grandma’s receipt !!!!!

    • I would love so much to see photos of your beautiful apples and if you make my grandma’s slice, I’d love to see photos of that too.

  10. Looks absolutely scrumptious ! I must try my hand at it. Thank you for sharing it. Have shown it to my wife as we both love quick & simple good tasting food. (Peter – South Africa)

  11. I have just made this slice and it is lovely. So simple to make and tastes great, what a wonderful family recipe. Thank you for sharing.

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