2014 So Far

I’ve been home from my camping trip for about 4 days, and I’m finding it hard to get back into the swing of things.  I just got used to doing nothing and now all of a sudden, I’ve got to get back into doing ALL THE THINGS!

This is not helped by the fact that J is away for the week, so it’s only me to motivate me to get things done.  I’ve been writing a list, and sadly blogging wasn’t on it.

I’ve found it hard to find motivation, inspiration and the time to write.  I suppose, it’s not a priority at the moment.  But I saw this post (inspired by this one), and I thought it might kick start my year of writing.

Making: A shelving unit for laundry baskets.  Call it nesting, call it feed up with the mess, but I think that it’s time that things like this get done.  I’ll be sharing it as soon as it’s finished.

Cooking: Peach syrup cake.  It’s also what we’ve been eating!

Drinking: Soda water.  I took the soda stream camping (I love that it’s not connected to a power outlet), and drank soda, lime and bitters!  Delicious, refreshing and much lower sugar content than having lemonade.

Reading: Orange Is The New Black – Piper Kerman and Led By Destiny – Kinga Freespirit.

Wanting: To meet Baby Reilly.

Looking: Through The Diggers Club catalogue to by new seeds for the coming planting seasons.

Playing: A lot of Phase 10, Vision and Cribbage.

Deciding: On what we should plant.  We’ve narrowed it down to things we eat a lot of, and can justify buying small amounts of other things, or going without.

Wishing: That J didn’t have to work in Sydney this week.  Our house is big and empty when he’s not here.

Enjoying: Learning how to do nothing, or not very much.  I usually find it a struggle.

Waiting: For another 8 weeks.

Liking: Opshopping for baby clothes.  So much cheaper, such a great range and surprise at what you might find, not to mentions better for our planet.

Wondering: How I’ll fill my days now that I’m no longer going to work. I’ve got a few things up my sleeve and I hope that this here blog will see a little more action.

Loving: The warm days!

Pondering: Gertrude, our broody hen and if the fertalised eggs that we’ve ordered will hatch.

Considering: The heat, water consumption, planting, buying land (one day), getting more produce out of our garden etc.

Watching: Revenge and the new season of Girls.

Hoping: That the end of something I’ve been trying to get out of for a little while comes sooner rather than later.

Marvelling: At how easy things can be if you just try.

Needing: A pedicure.  I’m not one for paying for pampering, but it’s almost at the point where I can’t reach my own feet, and I really just want someone to pamper me.

Smelling: The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector.

Wearing: Lots of dresses, I don’t like waist bands.

Following: A pre-natal yoga DVD, and hoping to do more of it.

Noticing: How dry the grass has gotten around here in the last 2 weeks.

Knowing: What I need to do to keep my stress levels low, and working towards those things.

Thinking: About Baby Reilly, I can’t get her out of my mind.  What we still need to do to get more prepared, how our life will be turned upside down and all around when she gets here.

Feeling: Well, really well!

Admiring: So many people who just keep on keeping on.

Sorting: Through through my wardrobe, the house and the baby’s room.

Buying: Seeds, eggs and books online.

Getting: Ready, organised, relaxed.

Bookmarking: All the things on Pinterest.

Disliking: The constant wind.  We live on top of a hill in a beach town, IT’S ALWAYS WINDY.

Opening: Too many chocolates, left over Christmas treats.  But the problem is that I have to eat them, for them to be gone!

Giggling: At J looking after Gertrude.  He’s such a daddy chook!

A blank list for you to copy and paste, in case you want to do this too! Or you could just add your favourites in the comments below.

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

12 thoughts on “2014 So Far

  1. I’m glad there was some relaxing on the list Clare. I must admit I thought you meant the other type of wind but I wouldn’t have thought twice about it given your state :-)
    I hadn’t had a pedicure since our wedding and have had 4 in the last few months purely for the fact that I can’t get at my feet. Totally worth the splurge!
    I might have to do one of these posts myself.

    • I’ve only ever had one pedicure, the day before our wedding also. I’m thinking one might be in order soon. It was a fun post to do.

  2. Enjoy your empty days Clare because soon your life will never be the same. And before you know it they are 12, about to go to high school and you wonder how the hell that happened so fast.

    • Tania, I can’t even think past March at the moment, let alone until they’re 12! I’m definitely making the most of these quiet days.

  3. Yay for baby clothes op shopping! I’m sure you are finding some gems. I just finished watching the series of Orange is the New Black, should I read the book?

  4. When you put it like that, you certainly appear to have a very full life. How many weeks to go now with the pregnancy? I hope you survive your week on your own. I hate the wind, too xx

  5. I just watched the show Orange is the New Black and loved it. Maybe get it for when you are breast feeding, I think there are two/three seasons. Eek – its a girl! Great list, makes me think I should get a little more organised. Op shopping is going to have to start soon. A pedicure does sound nice too, though I have never had one. Take it easy.

    • I love the show Orange is the New Black, that’s the reason my mum gave me the book. I’ve only ever had one pedicure, but I think it’s about time for another!

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