Movie Night Swap

This was super exciting! A swap, movies, popcorn and candy! What could be better!?!?

My first ever swap was with Linny and ever since have been hooked!

I got paired up with Meg from You’re Meaghan Me Crazy. This was her first ever blog swap and I was super excited to buy her a stellar package! I wanted to buy an Aussie package, coming from this side of the world all the way to her in Canada!

You’ll have to check out her post to find out what I gave her!

Yesterday we had been in touch on twitter and both were saying we hadn’t recieved our packages yet.  Shortly after she tweeted that she had got hers and only mere minutes later the post lady walked up our driveway and I answered the door in my dressing gown I was so excited! Here’s what I got!

10 Things I Hate About You – I love this movie, have seen it countless times, can nearly quote it off by heart and do love my some young Heath Ledger!

The Shawshank Redemption – I had seen this movie a long time ago, even though I thought I hadn’t upon receiving the package.  Because when watching it last night it turned out I had vague memories of what was going to happen.

Candy included Smarties (which I’m currently snacking on) and Tangy Tropical Skittles (I’ve never seen this flavour before). I love how everything that comes from Canada is in French and English! And I’m really looking forward to the buttered popcorn!

Last but not least, we were asked to include a trinket.  Something that reflected yourself. So when the seashell feel out of the package I was delighted! What a lovely thoughtful idea!

When I posted the swap parcel, I got home to realise that I hadn’t included the letter. I thought rather than Meg waiting for it, I would post it on here.

Hi Meg,

So excited to be paired with you for this swap. I wanted to include Australian movies, maybe something you hadn’t seen before.  Pricilla is hilarious! A classic Ahstralian movie, and Red Dog is just a new one.  Maybe a little slow to begin with but a great ending!

The snack are pretty typically Australian, things that I thought would be great to share!

The bracelets I made myself and wanted to include some great Fall colours!

I hope you love it all.


13 thoughts on “Movie Night Swap

  1. thank you! this swap was so fun and I can’t wait to watch the movies :)
    as for the candy, they didn’t last long…
    and I got a bunch of compliments on your bracelets. can’t believe you made them!

    • I’d love to know what you thought of the movies! Have you watched any yet? I’m glad you like the bracelets, yeah I just have them around and make them for fun!

  2. This is such a great idea. How amazing that you both received your packages at pretty much the same time! I love Heath Ledger and it is so, so sad that he’s not still with us. I often think of him (met him once at the premiere of Ned Kelly) and try to imagine what he’d be doing now. His career was certainly on the rise. xx

    • It was pretty amazing, I couldn’t believe that mine showed up just after hers! I love that you met Heath Ledger! He was a truly amazing Australia Actor!

  3. Swaps are such great ways to form blog friendships. I’ve done a few but sadly the ‘friendship’ wasn’t sustained in all of them. Which saddens me, but I guess these things happen. Which snacks did you send her? I still haven’t watched Red Dog :(

    • I sent Meg natural confectionary sour worms and Carmelo koalas. Yeah I’ve also done a few swaps and with most actually the friendships haven’t been sustained, but I have developed friendships with Lin who runs a lot, and have signed up for a Melbourne based swap, where we’ll meet up to swap or packages.

  4. Two of the best movies ever. Shawshank always makes me cry, but its such a fantastic movie. Love the end. Super glad you liked everything she sent you!

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