All Lacquered Up

I love a blog swap! So when I found this one I was super excited! A nail polish swap! So glamerous!

I was paired up with Ange from Hairspray and High Heels. It was slightly intimidating, with her amazing knowledge and love of beauty products.

By I just went and bought bits that I loved! I hope she loved them too!

Arriving home from our hike I found a small package sitting on our front step. I opened it up and to my delight there were individually wrapped polishes, 5 in all and a stunning nail file!

I was inspired to go to Ange’s blog and try one of her tutorials,  I tried the fish tail nail polish.  It was tricky but so much fun and I’m loving it now.

Thanks so much Ange!

6 thoughts on “All Lacquered Up

  1. Eeks!!! How fun! I just chucked all my nail polish (all Chanel) out – as part of my living glamorously challenge. I had a manicure done at the salon and loved it. Now I just keep a bottle of nail polish remover at home to take the polish off :)

    • I’ve had only one manicure, it was good, but because of all the outdoor stuff I do my nails were pretty short and raggedy, so there wasn’t much theyncoulddo to them. It’s fun to hair nail polish at hand (hehe, pun intended), so you can just do a quick coat when you feel like it.

  2. Cute colors! I’m actually wearing one of the colors I got in the swap, too :) So far I’ve gotten tons of compliments…yay. Love what you did with your nail polish design, totally cute.

    • I’ve been wearing the red heaps that I got! I would never buy myself nail polish, so it was lovely to receive some in the mail!

  3. Look how fun you are! I am so SO horrifically bad at nail polish. Hooray for you for trying (and succeeding!) at something so new and fun! I love that you just did the one finger and left all the others solid red as well! lovely! :)

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